Fake goods – whether it be fashion or beauty products – are a dime a dozen these days

So much so, that even big stars get duped too when it comes to telling the difference!

This week Samkelo Ndlovu trended on the timeline after tweeps spotted her wearing a pair of ‘fake’ Nike Airforce 1’s which she bought from an online retailer.

But you do not have to be fooled by fakes, like Samkelo. If you have an eye for detail, and are armed with expert knowledge, you’ll be able to spot a fake from far away!

Just last week Sarah Langa spotted a high-end Louis Vuitton dupe, whilst last year, Bonang schooled her followers on fake Amina Muaddi slippers.

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“Knowing how to spot authentic clothing and accessories is key to shopping like a pro,” says fashion guru and stylist Reese Naidoo from blog The Nifty Attache.

Here are Reese’s 5 tips on how to easily spot counterfeit goods…

Proof of authenticity

An original piece will often come with some form of certification or verification attached to the item or within the packaging. The item itself should have identifiers such as serial numbers, stamps, customised elements such as buttons/badges and many other indicators that would show it is the real deal.

Further, if you are not buying a designer piece or branded item from the official store or boutique, enquirer if the seller is an accredited or premium reseller of the item. 


This is often the easiest way to spot a real item from a counterfeit. Feeling the item, the material it is made of, examining the finishes on the item such as stitching, seams, finishes, durability and where the item was manufactured, all help distinguish the quality of the item.

The devil is in the detail!

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Often, if the price seems too good to be true, you best believe that you are being sold a lie! If the price does not make sense and there is a large gap between what you would expect to pay and price advertised, it is likely to be fake. 

Designer items are often made with a high level of craftsmanship and immaculate finishes, it is hard to imagine they will just let it go for next to nothing, right? 

Do your research

Get your detective gear out! If you are hesitant about making a big purchase on a designer item, make sure you compare prices across various websites/stores and compare them with similar products across brands.

If you know of friends or family that have purchased the product, ask for their opinions. Look at reliable product reviews and ratings on fashion websites/apps. You will be able to spot a faux a mile away. 

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Chanel or Channel? You know what I mean… Pay close attention to the graphics, lettering, infamous trademarks and packaging of the item. Fake items will often disappoint with one (or all) of these. 

If you know the brand well, you will know what to look out for, like a pro. If you don’t, rather research all you need to know first, before taking the plunge.