Excerpts of Finding Freedom – Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Family have just been released, and they’re very telling of what we can expect to read in the highly anticipated tell-all due out next month

Written by Harper’s Bazaar royal editor, Omid Scobie and fellow royal correspondent Carolyn Durand, the book covers a range of topics leading up to the couple’s shocking announcement to leave the Royal Family and forge their way into the world as ordinary people.

Despite the royals themselves claiming they had no involvement, the authors describe the book as a fly-on-the-wall account of Meghan & Harry’s life in the limelight and criticism they faced from the public and even their own friends and family.

Here’s what we can expect to read about in the royal biography….

Megxit – and why Meghan blames the Royal Family for her being ostracised

Authors of the book quote various sources and insiders who lay claim to Meghan stating she ‘gave up her entire life and home’ to move to the UK, only for her to be shunned by bad press, critics and ‘non-supporting’ members of the Royal Family.

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“Meghan tearfully told a friend in March: ‘I gave up my entire life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it takes. But here we are. It’s very sad'”, reads a line from the excerpt.

The book claims that even royal aides mocked Meghan behind her back, calling her “Harry’s showgirl”, “squeaky third wheel” and claiming “she comes with a lot of baggage.”

After the couple announced their plans to step down, things seemed to just get worse for the American actress, claims various sources in the book.

“One aide made a joke about Meghan launching a line of beauty products…The courtiers blame Meghan, and some family do too.”


Meghan vs Kate & Harry vs William – What really happened?

There were reports of angry confrontations and even a supposed scene at a wedding rehearsal which ended with Kate (who had just given birth to Prince Louis) in tears – but how much of what we’ve heard is really true?

Not much, claim the authors, who claimed that although the brother’s wives were never friends, they weren’t enemies either.

“They were not at war with each other either…The truth was that Meghan and Kate just didn’t know each other that well,” another line reads.

However, authors claim that there was, in fact, tension between the two brothers.

Before publicly announcing their engagement, William had a serious chat with his younger brother about his decision, and whether it was the right one for him, something Harry did not take kindly to.

The book states: “[William] just wanted to make sure that Harry wasn’t blindsided by lust in his haste to get married”.

But the rift was never repaired, and sadly continued even after Harry’s wedding.

“Once Harry and Meghan were married, the gap between the brothers only widened.”

FILE – In this Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 file photo, Britain’s Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, left, and Prince Harry arrive to visit the Support4Grenfell Community Hub in London. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is set to hold face-to-face talks Monday, Jan. 13, 2020 with Prince Harry for the first time since he and his wife, Meghan, unveiled their controversial plan to walk away from royal roles — at a dramatic family summit meant to chart a future course for the couple. The meeting at the monarch’s private Sandringham estate in eastern England will also include Harry’s father Prince Charles and his brother Prince William. (Toby Melville/ Pool via AP, File)

Was Harry shading the monarchy or just protecting his family?

Authors claimed Harry felt a break from the Royal Family was his “only option” in “making things right for his own little family”.

“This is tearing him apart. He loves the Queen, but his wife feels aggrieved, and he adores his son. Harry’s whole world is Archie,” claimed a source in the book.

“Fundamentally, Harry wanted out… Deep down, he was always struggling within that world.”

The authors also claim that Harry was fed up of the narrative that Meghan was ‘using’ him.

The source continued: “When some questioned his new relationship, and whether she was suitable, he would wonder, ‘Is this about race? Is it snobbery?’

Things took a dramatic turn when Harry – known for his flaming hot temper – lashed out at one of his own friends.

“An old friend of Harry’s spent an afternoon gossiping about Meghan, making disparaging remarks about her Hollywood background. Word got back to Harry, and the prince immediately cut him off.”

Britain’s Prince Harry visits the Silverstone circuit, in Towcester, England, Friday March 6, 2020. (Peter Nicholls/Pool via AP)

The frosty reception at their final royal engagement

If you didn’t notice the awkward encounter between Meghan & Harry and William & Kate at their final joint engagement at Westminster Abbey back in March, you seriously need your eyes checked!

According to the authors, “Meghan was emotionally bruised and exhausted,” after the appearance.

“Meg just wanted to get home… At that point she couldn’t imagine wanting to set a foot back into anything royal again,” claimed a close friend in the book.

William & Harry’s fall-out and the former’s disgust at his brother’s disregard and disrespect to their grandmother Queen Elizabeth will also be explored in more detail in the book.

From left, Britain’s Prince Harry, Prince William, Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge leave the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in London Monday March 9, 2020. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family along with various government leaders and guests are attending the annual Commonwealth Day service, the largest annual inter-faith gathering in the United Kingdom. (Phil Harris / Pool via AP)

The Markles and ousted friends – are their opinions valid or made-up?

We’re expecting the book to touch on allegations of Meghan ‘ghosting’ friends and family, wild suggestions that she’s a ‘gold-digger’, an ‘opportunist’ and ‘will do anything to get the top’, as her critics will have us believe.

Much of what has been said about Meghan’s behaviour, by those who knew her personally, will play a part in the way she handled herself in the midst of her personal and public crisis.

One particular excerpt claims how she ‘Facetime’ called a close friend from her bathroom to bemoan her father Thomas Markle’s antics and close liaisons to British media, and her decision to cut him out of her life.

The book suggests that Meghan had left a “barrage of voicemails” for him. According to the book, she said: “Dad, I still love you. Nothing has changed. We’re going to get you safely to London. I’m sending a car to come and get you.”

According to Thomas, no such thing happened, with him claiming that the couple even declined the Royal Family’s bid to send him private protection.

Meghan & Thomas Markle

Trouble in paradise – and the belief that Meghan is ‘manipulating’ Harry

According to royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell , who is also penning a tell-all – albeit an explosive, skeletons-in-their-closet kind – Harry is “just desperate to please his wife”.

“In my opinion, Harry is a much less intelligent character than Meghan is….And I think he’s so desperate to please her and go along with whatever she says, no matter how ill-conceived it is. He is that besotted with her,” alleges the author of Meghan and Harry: The Real Story.

Did Meghan orchestrate this whole thing and play Harry after failing to charm the media, like critics will have us believe?

I guess we’ll have to read the book to find that out…