Last updated on Jan 20th, 2021 at 03:58 pm

The Covid-19 pandemic has come with so much fear and anxiety, everything has changed

We’re all craving a little bit of the old normal and a taste of our old favourites from Nando’s is just that.
We recently tried the Nando’s kerbside service and here’s why we’d rather get our food kerbside instead of from the drive-thru.

How it works

Kerbside is similar to a call and collect order except you don’t have to collect. You simply wait for your order in your car for no extra cost.

We started our order on the Nando’s app and just short of completing our order, cancelled it to order over the phone to see how the two options differed.

The hardest thing about either option was deciding what to eat. We chose our meals, gave the details of our car and our nearest Nando’s.

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A confirmation SMS let us know when our order would be ready so we wouldn’t have to wait.

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What actually happened?

We placed our order and made the short trip from our offices to our nearest Nando’s in Melville, Campus Square.
Finding the Kerbside parking wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We were disappointed to find that it wasn’t a parking bay at all, but rather a small triangle next to the disabled parking. Parking there meant that should a disabled person need the parking spot it would not be available.

Although this was a problem for us, a normal kerbside order would be delivered much quicker because a waiter or waitress comes to your car with your food as soon as it’s ready. We were only delayed by recording the experience.

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Is Kerbside just like a drive-thru?

Ordering a kerbside meal is similar to getting your food from a drive-thru except this way you can pay online. You do not have to wait for your order or come into the restaurant as you would for a call and collect order.

This is perfect for the safety-conscious person because it means you only interact briefly with the person bringing your food from the safety of your car with all safety procedures observed.

Are we dining kerbside again?

This is definitely one of the best ‘restaurant’ experiences I have had since the beginning of the lockdown. I did not feel like I was compromising my safety as our waitress took every possible precaution, and best of all, our food was still at the perfect temperature.

Not only would I order my food kerbside again, but I could also eat a few more Nando’s Veg, Avo and Halloumi bowls.