Ladies! Learn the money game to secure your financial future

From a humble background to a seat at the boardroom table, Ashnee Maharaj, a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of the Institute of Directors, has taken her 16 years of experience in the business world and is now focused on assisting women to succeed and attain financial independence.

To accomplish this, Ashnee has launched the 2020 Bulletproof Your Finances Bootcamp. Following a week-long introduction, which is free for anyone to join, Ashnee will take a few ladies on an additional four-week intense bootcamp to further assist them in gaining control of their finances and their lives with insights, wisdom and personal attention you won’t find anywhere else.

“My goal is not to only teach theory and best financial practices, but to help all the attendees implement what they have learned successfully, and permanently,” explains Ashnee.

“I will provide everything you need to become a financially empowered woman.”

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Ticket giveaway

Win one of three free tickets to the Bulletproof Women Financially Bootcamp with a total value of about R14 645.

Included in the bootcamp, attendees will be provided with:

  • Access to 50+ training videos
  • Access to Ashnee’s templates and resources library
  • Access to a “members only” inner circle community.
  • Access to four live financial coaching sessions/Q&A sessions with Ashnee
  • An eBook of 100 ways to save and protect which you can apply right now
  • Personal mentorship from Ashnee

What does the bootcamp cover?

The programme is divided into four main modules, which include plenty of amazing free bonuses that will empower attendees now and in the future.

Week one: Introduction and Welcome

This includes establishing the drivers of your financial goals and unpacking how you think about money. The ‘who am I’ with my money.

Week Two: Knowledge Download Week

Going from dysfunction to empowered! This includes everything you need to know that underpins a successful money game for a woman. You will gain all the skills and habits of a financially successful woman, so you won’t ever have to worry about your financial future when you are older or if you are ever alone.

Week Three: The Rubber Hits the Road

This is the biggest module and will show you how to build your empire – starting in a pandemic – by saving and protecting your money. Research shows that great success stories are born out of great depressions. Ashnee will equip you with that special armoury to empower you to be a better, self-caring Wonder Woman.

Week Four: Nurturing and Growing

Ashnee will explain how each attendee can make their money work for them. It is amazing to feel bullet-proofed.

How much time will I need to invest?

As much as you choose to for your betterment, but between 30 and 60 minutes per day is recommended to meet your goal of bullet-proofing yourself financially. As with so many other things in life, the secret to success is consistency.

How much money will I need to invest?

The 2020 Bulletproof Your Finances Bootcamp costs $297 (about R4 900), with no hidden costs. The investment is minimal if you consider the return on investment you will get from it. You will likely make this back tenfold in just a few months of enjoying your newly created financially empowered trajectory.

All resources, templates, blueprints, cheat sheets and the 100-pointer ebook are all packaged as zero-cost bonuses. In addition, you will get four hours of personal financial coaching where Ashnee will answer your questions and offer advice to keep your learning and help you successfully implement what you now know.

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