Maintaining healthy hair while subjecting your locks to the harsh chemicals of a relaxer can be a tricky and even high-maintenance process

Here’s how you can achieve it all with these easy-to-follow steps…

Go to a professional

If it’s possible, get professionals to relax your hair – they’re trained on the do’s & don’ts of intricate processes and will give you expert advice on how to care for your hair in between touch-ups.

They’re also able to see the back of your head, for those hard to reach places!

Don’t overprocess

Don’t relax your hair too often, even if just for touch-ups. Stick to at least 2-4 months in between each application.

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During these times, only apply relaxer to virgin hair, ie hair that has NOT been relaxed, or you run the risk of overprocessing and permanently damaging your hair!

Another tip to remember is to never wash (ie. shampoo) your hair prior to applying relaxer – your hair needs natural oils which activate the process.

Also, always leave the relaxer in for the recommended time for your thread. Failing to do so can result in scalp burns, broken & damaged hair an an overall painful experience!

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Treat your hair

Because relaxers break down the bonds of natural hair fibres, your relaxed hair needs both moisture and protein treatments for it to thrive at it’s optimal best.

Moisture is needed to hydrate and nourish it, whilst protein is needed to strength it. Deep-condition your hair once a week using a hydrating moisture treatment, and a protein-rich one once a month.

Also use good quality hair products for your strand type.

Trim dead ends

The importance of regular trims should not be taken lightly. They are a must for every kind of styled hair, including relaxed one.

Not only will it remove split ends, but it will help you retain length and make styling easier too!

For best results, trim your hair every 6-8 weeks.

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Avoid colour and heat

The less ‘stress’ you put your relaxed hair under, the better!

To avoid subjecting your hair to more potential damage by overprocessing, avoid colouring your relaxed hair and stay away from bleach at all costs!

Heat damage from hairdyers, curling wands and straighteners can cause your relaxed hair to become dry and brittle, leaving it prone to breakage. If you must use a heat-styler, use it on the lowest possible setting and always use a heat-protective spray or serum.