We caught up with one of SA’s hip new designers on the interior scene, Lungile Nkosi (AKA The Pillow Fluffer), to get some inspo for adding a splash of spring flair to our living spaces

We’ve all been at home for months now – and have had lots of time to look at the view from our bed or favourite couch. We asked Lungile how to incorporate the next season’s decor trends in our homes – without breaking the bank.

“We are getting back to basics this Spring/Summer as we look to nature for inspiration for our interior spaces. We are seeing a lot of Scandinavian interiors which is a new adaptation of the 19th century design era, Modernism.”

We are seeking a return to the simple life – and getting in touch with nature

Modernism was all about a minimalistic approach to décor where function is pivotal. With industries like technology  growing so rapidly, we are finding humans wanting to return to the simple life and get more and more in touch with nature. So 2020/2021 is all about earth tones, organic shapes and biophilic design making a huge come back. I like to call it mindful design.

We are definitely taking the botanical trend with us into summer and all the way through to 2021

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Another trend from last year that seems to be sitting very firmly on our trends forecast is saturated colours. With a greater interest in colour and its effects on human behaviour, we are finding that less people are shying away from colours. This is GREAT because colour is the best way to make a significant change in your space in the most affordable way.

Classics that Lungile recommends for giving a new apartment some style on a budget

Dual purpose furniture is a classic that will be your pocket’s best friend. Sleeper couches may remind you of slumber parties or a family vacation and make you want to cry in complete agony, but hear me out here.

Sleeper couches are a great multi-functional piece to have as well as bed-ends with a storage compartment. Multi-functional furniture is the best way to get the most out of your furniture without breaking the bank.

On using bold colour…or playing it safe with neutrals

I used to play on the safe side of things, but as I grow into myself as an individual and designer, I find I am a lot more drawn to colour. I believe all facets of me are best expressed in colour. I am still more drawn to earth tones, so give me an olive or mustard couch any day. I’m also strangely enough not mad at pink either.

Want change in the bedroom or living room on a limited budget? Here are Lungile’s tips

Paint and accessories are your best friends. You would be surprised what the change of a wall colour, some picture frames, scatter cushions and an interesting vase or two could do to your space. I would also recommend looking into the types of light bulbs you use. Oh, and of course pot plants or faux plants for low maintenance.

Now is the perfect time to do some DIY: how to paint a room in 5 easy steps

Lungile’s fave style tips

Your personal style is the best trend you can follow, you can literally Pinterest anything

Find out what your personal interior style is and use tips and tricks on Pinterest and yours truly, The Pillow Fluffer, on how to execute the amazing ideas you have for your space.

Your space should ALWAYS serve you and you not serve it

What’s the point of having that extra beautiful trendy couch that you spent an arm and a leg on if you can’t cuddle up on it with a big bowl of popcorn and catch up on your favourite shows?

Practicality and comfort can be absolutely beautiful too

Some of my favourite ways to style a space is to add artwork to my walls. Play around with textures and patterns in your space. It is so simple yet so effective.

Most importantly always ask yourself how you want your space to feel

This pandemic has shown us just how important being at home and enjoying your space for you and no one else is.