The liquor stores may be locked down, but throats are still open. We’ve crawled the web in search of delicious homebrews that give the right kind of buzz

Here are some recipes from YouTubers that we are absolutely trying.

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Real ginger beer

While many people label just about any ginger drink ginger beer, we are talking about fermented ginger beer that gives you both a kick and a buzz.

Allowing your homemade ginger ale to ferment changes it from a summer’s day family drink to an adult’s only beverage.

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Apple cider

Crisp apple cider is one of South Africa’s favourite drinks, but very few of us have ever made apple cider until the sale of alcohol was prohibited earlier this year.

Those who’ve had it claim it tasted exactly like your favourite brand with all the same effects too.

Pineapple beer

If you haven’t figured out why pineapples are suddenly so expensive, here’s why. Pineapples ferment very well making a delicious fruity beer with all the tang and sweetness of pineapples.

Because pineapple is naturally acidic it gives the beer a nice fizz which is just perfect at the end of a long day.