Spontaneous takeaways could be the last thing your budget needs, but when you’re surprised by loadshedding what else can you do?

Stock up your pantry to make your electricity-free meals more than just sandwiches.

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One-pot wonders

It may not be gourmet cooking but one-pot pasta and sauce packet meals are a warm and comforting meal you can cook in minutes and just one pot.

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Tinned foods

Tinned beans, chickpeas, lentils and corn are absolute must-haves. Beyond the everyday tin of baked beans having an assortment of tinned legumes can mean anything between spreads and dips to bean stews, curries and soups.

Tinned vegetables are also a great addition to your meals. While they might not be as nice as fresh veggies, they can stay in your pantry for months during power outages, heat and cold and because they are processed. They also cook much faster in a pinch.

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Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels

Tinned fish

The twitter famous pilchard stew is not a bad idea when you’re looking to make a quick and easy meal. You can have it with anything from rice, pap and pasta to couscous and quinoa. Try making stews and fish sauces from other types of tinned fish too.