Brow lamination is the latest procedure to hit the beauty world – and the results are bold and beautiful

If you’re looking for daring and defined brows without the commitment of permanent procedures or the hassle of eyebrow pencils or gels, than this clever beauty trick is just up your alley.

The results are fuller and thicker – all whilst using your own eyebrow hairs. It’s easy, pain-free and the results speak for themselves…

Brows like Cara

Almost everyone wants fuller and fluffier brows like supermodel Cara Delevigne, but many of us are scared to get inked with microblading or permanent make-up.

Also known as a brow sculpt or brow lift, the procedure is also great for people who have sparse hairs or little to work with.

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It’s certified Halaal and can be done in under an hour. There’s no harmful chemicals added and the results last anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks with little to no maintenance.

Cara Delevigne

How does it work?

Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your brows – although the results are far different from what you would get from a usual perm. Instead of curls, brows are straightened and lifted to appear emphasised and more defined.

The procedure involves adding a special lotion to your brows, which are then combed into the desired direction. The coated brows are then ‘set’ using cling film. Once removed the process is repeated. After this, brows are ‘neutralised’ using a nourishing serum.

If you’re looking to go big (cos why not) you can tint your brows to give them an even more defined look.

And there you go – wow brows!

Minimal after care

Your beauty therapist will advise you to not get your new brows wet for a minimum of 24 – 48 hours to help them set properly (similarly to getting a perm).

Your brows are then good to go and can be simply styled using an eyebrow brush, or not at all!

Tools for the trade

Brow lamination can be done professionally at a beauty salon or at home, by yourself.

If you want to give it a go at home check out stockists of brow lamination kits online or at your nearest beauty retailer.

Amino Lifting brow lift kit – R495

Beauty Wave brow lamination kit – R1 000

Lash lifet & brow lamination kit – R449

You can also check out various YouTube tutorials on how to master the look in the comfort of your own home like this one;