President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation once again on Thursday night, this time announcing that public schools would go on a month long break whilst the country ‘peaks’ amid the Covid-19 crisis…

He also announced that Grade 12’s would take a week-long break, whilst Grade 7’s would have a 2 week break before they returned to the classroom. The syllabus would also be extended beyond 2020 for all grades in public schools.

However the president left out an important detail – what about private schools and how do they fit into the academic agenda?

Many South Africans were unimpressed with the ‘inequality’ faced between private and public school learners, given the fact that the former would continue as usual. They also expressed their disdain that children of ‘wealthy’ families had the resources and income to ‘continue business as usual’ whilst other learners suffered.

Metro FM DJ Melanie Bala weighed in on the debate claiming the inequality in the education system was “one of our greatest failures”.

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She also highlighted how private schools were ahead of ordinary public school learners, given their endless resources.

“The reality is many private schools have not stopped with their academic year because, resources. So it will be business as usual for them,” she tweeted.

Melanie noted with disgust how some public learners were subjected to inhumane conditions at their schools, including “using pit latrines in 2020”.

A number of SA tweeps shared Melanie’s views about the debate:

However, a few tweeps defended their right to send their children to private schools and for them to continue their schoolwork.