The Buddha bowl isn’t just a passing Instagram trend anymore, it’s on the menus of popular restaurants and one of the easiest ways to make a nutrient-dense meal

Here’s how to make the perfect Buddha bowl, no matter your preference and taste.

Keep it healthy

Although Buddha bowls can be made of practically any food you have lying around, it’s the perfect opportunity to pack in the nutrients and enjoy something healthy.

Consider the health benefits of each ingredient and get as much nutritional diversity in your bowl as possible.

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It’s all about balance

Try to get as much of the food pyramid (and its ratios) into your Buddha bowl. Making sure all the food groups are represented gives you the best of your bowl and also makes for an assortment of flavour.

Don’t forget about the texture

Eating a good meal should involve at least 4 of your 5 senses including feel. Different textures add so much to your culinary experience and can contribute to more eating pleasure.

Cooking your foods in different ways can help you diversify the textures in your bowl. For example chickpeas can have a similar soft and dense texture as steamed butternut and boiled beetroot. If you roast your chickpeas at high heat they become crunchy and would go well with your steamed butternut and give you different kind of crunchy to the crunch of raw beetroot.

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Play with your food

Let your creativity shine through in your flavour combinations, colours and bowl themes. Set your bowl based on a type of food, a combination of colours or what is in your fridge.

A Buddha bowl can be anything from an assortment of vegan superfoods to a deconstructed burger artfully arranged in a bowl.

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Don’t forget about the flavours

Seasoning every element of your bowl individually to bring out the best natural flavours is really important. One of the best things about a Buddha bowl is that no two bites taste exactly the same. Play on the natural flavours of your food and the different combinations you could have in each bite.