Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 12:25 pm

Is it healthy just because it’s made of fruit? Is there any way to make juice even healthier?

The master juicers at Sir Fruit answered all our juicy questions as they launched two new health shots. An Energy Shot, naturally waking you up when you need it most, and a calming CBD Shot, calming you down at the end of a long day.

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Is the sugar in fruit juice good for you?

Over the years sugar has earned it’s self a bad reputation, with many trying to avoid it completely. The truth is, there are natural sugars in fruits and vegetables too, but according to Sir Fruit, in moderation, even sweetness can be good for you.

Finding the balance between sugar (which the body uses as energy) and other nutritional elements is something the juice makers take very seriously.

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“At Sir Fruit, there are a few key principles we believe in,” they say, “Sugar is something that the body needs, but in excess, it is bad for you. It’s very important to match your energy intake with the energy you burn. So don’t drink too much and stay as active as possible!”

Another principle upheld at Sir Fruit is ensuring that every calorie is packed with as much nutrition as possible, so you aren’t drinking empty calories, that way Sir Fruit is actually good for you.

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What is raw cold-pressed juice?

One way of making sure the juice has as many nutrients as possible is how it’s processed. Raw juice is not pasteurised or heated at any point during juicing and packaging.

This ensures that all the nutrients of the fruit stay intact in the juice. In addition to this, Sir Fruit adds that cold-pressing juice slowly squeezes the juice out of fruit and veg avoiding oxidising which can destroy healthy enzymes.

So are Sir Fruit health shots just smaller juices?

While Sir Fruit health shots may be in smaller bottles, they are still a mega-dose of vitamins and nutrients.

“Health shots provide a smaller but more powerful and nutrient-dense product than a normal juice. They often contain known functional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, cranberries or spinach,” they say.

What’s the deal with Sir Fruit’s new CBD health shots?

CBD is the talk of the health world, but there is still so much confusion about what it is and what it isn’t.

“Our CBD Health Shot is a blend of a few really healthy ingredients with a good dose of CBD added. We use cold-pressed apple and spinach juices as a healthy base and then add green rooibos extract for even more health benefits. Lastly, we add 10mg of CBD extract. Although CBD research is still in its infancy we believe that CBD, along with daily exercise, is a great way to unwind naturally. It’s been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and help people with insomnia and various other ailments,” said Sir Fruit.

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Are health shots safe?

Although health shots are nutritional with natural health benefits, they are not medicine and can be bought at any time from the grocery store.

Like everything, including health foods moderation is key and Sir Fruit do not recommend drinking more than 3 health shots a day.

While health shots may have benefits for adults and children alike, Sir Fruit say parents should read the list of ingredients and consider the effects of the juice before serving it to their children.

“Our energy shot does contain natural caffeine and if parents are concerned about CBD they should consult their GP first. All of our other health shots are absolutely great for children,” they say.