Last updated on Sep 29th, 2020 at 03:21 pm

We recently had to do a double-take on Rebel Wilson since her impressive weight loss

The actress is well on her way to reaching her 75kg goal. Here’s how you can do it too.

Rebel Wilson has been body-positive throughout her career, encouraging plus-sized people the world over to love the bodies they’re in. Her recent weight loss is simply an extension of her love for her body and is more about building a healthier body rather than desperately wanting to be skinny.

Share your goal

At the beginning of the year Rebel christened 2020 her year of health, declaring her goal weight of 75kg to the world via her Instagram page.

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, sharing your goal with someone you admire or do not want to disappoint increases the probability of you working to achieve it.

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Sharing your weight loss goals with friends and family on social media keeps you accountable and wary of slacking off.

Hard work is your friend

Rebel works out every day of the week! Although many experts suggest giving your body a break and allowing yourself to rest, Rebel seems to enjoy her high-intensity workouts and weight training with her transformation trainer Jono Castano.

According to, weight lifting is a great way to burn fat fast. Weight lifting boosts your metabolism and continues to burns fat while building muscle.

Make the right sacrifices

Weight loss isn’t just about the calories you burn, it’s also about the calories you eat and the nutrients you put in to fuel your body.

Rebel is said to have started on the Mayr diet after attending a detox programme at VivaMayr.

VivaMayr is a health resort run on the principles of Dr F.X Mayr’s Mayr cure. The Mayr diet is based on the understanding that we poison our bodies by making bad food choices and can heal ourselves by making the right food choices.

The Mayr diet involves fasting, herbal detoxes and most importantly limiting your sugar and gluten intake while increasing your intake of ‘alkaline foods’. Another positive aspect of the Mayr diet is that it encourages balance, diet and exercise, mental health and physical well-being.

Love the body you’re in while you work for the body you want

While working towards her goal weight, Rebel maintains a positive view of her current body and still doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

According to, staying positive and recognising the small steps towards your bigger goal can help prolong your weight loss efforts and keep you motivated, increasing your chances of success.