We are at the watershed of whether summer is early or winter is late. We do see isolated spots of snow on high ground, but nothing to hit the headlines. We have not seen a major snowfall that has caused havoc or closed roads this winter season yet.

So where do we stand?!

Has winter been particularly warm or cold? And what does the rest of the season hold for us?

Wellâ?¦ if one walks in the garden, you will notice that the trees are hopelessly confused. The fig trees are budding very early this year and the coral trees are already blooming. As both my father and father-in-law always contend, the first sign of coral tree blooms, is a sign that one can start planting for the summer season.

How can a weatherman argue with the logic of nature?

Many a year we see these early buds being wiped out by a ‘late’ cold spell which really confuses the situation. Be that as it may, nature always adapts – unless there is no serious cold to let our fruit trees have a well-earned rest.

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Many a year we see these early buds being wiped out by a ‘late’ cold spell which really confuses the situation.

This year has already seen some record highs and lows in the space of less than a week

One does not need to be a mathematics genius to know that these figures all point to an average winter season. Yes, that is a fact and the prediction for the rest of the season is that all will be normal. BUTâ?¦we still have not seen that once-a-year SERIOUS cold snap. The one that is a nightmare to motorists, yet a bonus for snow hunters.

Looking back at statistics, serious snow events are not a given and do NOT occur every year like clockwork. The fact that we have thus far not had a serious one is no indication that we might still have one this season or not. However on the whole, temperatures are very close to the norm, although on a global scale this winter is supposedly the warmest on record.

So what does the rest of the year hold weather-wise?

Looking at the latest seasonal forecasts, besides the Western Cape and North Eastern parts of the country where above-average rainfall is expected, the rest of the country appears to be showing signs of just below or above normal rainfall.

Although this does not make for interesting reading, there is no outlook for well below normal rainfall anywhere. This is excellent news in my book, as I am sure you will agree that nobody wants to get into that dreaded situation of water restrictions again.

The week ahead is showing no indication of fireworks, with some pleasant warm winter days over most parts of the country. A few welcome showers can be expected in places, to top up the swimming pools in time for summer. Cold nights are becoming fewer and the sun is starting to rise earlier. One month to the start of spring.

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Take a look at some of the snow pics from this weekend below: