Charlize Theron is considering a WWE career

The 44-year-old actress stars in new action movie The Old Guard and impressed WWE wrestler Kofi Kingston so much with her moves that he encouraged her to take part in a fight.

He said: “I think you might actually have a career or a future, if you wanted it, as a WWE superstar. The fact for you to be able to pick up those moves so naturally, I would love to see you go one-on-one with a Becky Lynch or like a Sasha Banks. Or Bayley, or Charlotte [Flair]. I feel like you would fit right in.”

Charlize replied: “Wow, is this an invite? and added “Yes! When and where?”

Meanwhile, Charlize’s co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor recently admitted he is jealous of the actress for her ability to “tell narrative through physicality”, and said there’s “an exquisite poetry in seeing Charlize wield a four-foot axe”

He said: “I envy Charlize, you know? I’ll admit it. She is able to do something that I have never quite managed to do and that is tell narrative through physicality.

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“That is really difficult and this isn’t the first film she’s shown she can do this – take ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, for example. There is an exquisite poetry in seeing Charlize wield a four-foot axe – and with humour too, I might add.

“To put all the nuance of a character into a very complex fight sequence using only choreography is quite astonishing.”

Author: BANG Showbiz