With the coronavirus causing havoc all around the world, it is more important than ever for women to learn to take control of their money and build the life they desire for themselves and their families

To assist her global sisters in this regard, Ashnee Maharaj, founder of FemDivine, will be holding a free 5-day online masterclass series to set women up for financial control and success.

The Bulletproof Your Finances Bootcamp will kick off with a free series on 24 July 2020 and women looking to take control of their finances and build their post-pandemic dream life are invited to sign up.

“I believe we are brought up to have an unhealthy mindset and belief system about money, which leads to us to being afraid of and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to our finances,” explains Ashnee.

“Many women also believe that men are naturally better at managing their money, which is also not necessarily true. Women are more than capable of being expert money managers if they are taught the basic principles of financial independence.”

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Women are capable of being expert money managers if they are taught the basic principles of financial independence

“If women know the rules of the money game, whether they are big earners or not, they will be in a better position to take control their finances and live a fulfilling life. It will also put them on a path to financial prowess and agility, which will empower them to handle emergencies and, if their finances are well managed, bulletproof them for disasters like the pandemic instead of being deathly worried about their and their families’ futures.”

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The Bulletproof Your Finances Bootcamp Masterclass Series will not only share vital information and tactics for good financial habits, but will also offer plenty of time for community discussion and interaction with Ashnee where she will expand on her video series and answer the questions attendees have for her.

There are three basic lessons Ashnee will go into over the course of the masterclass to assist women in learning how to managing their money efficiently and attaining financial independence:

  • How to align your values, money beliefs and habits to take charge of your money and start achieving your goals.
  • How to apply the five FemDivine money rules to dispel fear and low self-esteem while crafting confidence in yourself and your abilities to thrive in the future.
  • How to apply the five-pillar BulletProof Women Financially (BPWF) blueprint that powers all successful women in the world.
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The 5-day masterclass will help women from all walks of life come to terms with their financial habits and change them for the better. The goal of FemDivine is to help women build a positive and nurturing relationship with their money – even though money is an inanimate object.

“When you have a good relationship with money, it impacts almost every other area of your life, reducing stress and conflict, empowering women to live fulfilled and productive lives,” Ashnee says. “This free masterclass series will provide enormous value as a jump start to changing the lives of women for the better if they put their learnings into practice.”

The masterclass series will follow a process where Ashnee will release an educational video on one day, followed by a community discussion on Facebook the following day. This pattern will continue until Saturday 1 August, when the full bootcamp will commence.

There are only 500 seats available for this free financial masterclass. Reserve your place here

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