“I’m about to have a problem, that I’m not going to complain about,” says the bubbly Qiniso Van Damme, who is the star of the first-ever The Bachelorette South Africa

“Too many suitors is every girl’s dream,” she adds with a laugh during an exclusive interview with All4Women.

The model, actress and Masters student will be the object of affection for 12 suitors, each hoping to find love, and hopefully put a ring on her finger.

The series is in pre-production and casting for male suitors is currently open.

Qiniso, who starred in season two of The Bachelor SA, was eliminated by Marc Bucker, who just wasn’t feeling her larger-than-life persona.

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But it’s just that, as well as her being outspoken and not afraid to go after what she wants (something her successful first kiss of the show with Marc can attest to) are all the reasons why she’s the perfect candidate for the hit show, which is about to become bigger and better than before with her in it.

Take a look at what she had to say about her historic TV move…

Why did you choose to go on this very public journey of finding love?

I believe in this process. There’s something so beautiful about the bravery it takes to put yourself out there and look for love so publicly.

Definitely after being on The Bachelor SA, I have a better grasp of who I want my end game to be with.

I’ve learnt so much and I am a better person after that experience.

Are you looking for a boyfriend, fiance, an entanglement etc?

I’m looking for my partner, the person who is going to capture my heart [and vice versa]. I’ve had enough boyfriends in my life, girl!

It’s time for me to think about the next step.

What are you looking for in a partner?

I’m not going to go into a relationship with a person who is not suited to my life or my goals or my desire of having a family.

I’m looking for someone whose so in touch with their emotions and themselves, they know what they want in life, they’ve achieved some of their goals..they’re ready to be super-dad to a troop of very bubbly children!

Someone who is gentle and isn’t afraid of a woman who is independent and goes after the things she wants in her life. I need a partnership where we both shine and we both cheer each other on whilst fostering love.

What is your biggest turn off in men?

I dislike men who are aggressive and negative.

People who aren’t ready for an adventure or spontaneous.

Qiniso Van Damme is looking for love on a reality show – Mnet’s The Bachelorette Credit: Supplied

What do you want your future spouse to know about you?

I’m an open book so people know everything there is to know about me. I’m very kind, caring and very loving and I need the same in a partner…someone who understands love languages.

Which are your favourite celebrity couples who are #relationshipgoals?

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen – they’re so cute!

Chrissy is so amazing as a woman and John isn’t afraid to let his queen shine.

Also Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. He is a great cheerleader for her and you can just see his love and support for her.

What is the biggest misconception about you from your appearance on the show? How would you like to set the record straight?

Definitely the one [made by Marc] that my genuine emotions were an act…just because I’m an actress doesn’t mean I don’t have real feelings too!

In that experience, there’s no time to hide who you really are and the only person you can be is you.

I was misunderstood in the beginning, but nice everyone got to know me [it was different].

Are you still friends with anyone from the experience?

Yes I am! Gillian, Marisia, Tamaryn, Jessica C, Bridget…we’ve connected after the show and foster friendships…which is kinda weird because we’re all ‘sister wives’!

What do you think is the significance of being the country’s first black bachelorette or person of colour to land a leading role?

Being the first woman of colour is a big responsibility…because when a person of colour is in a specific role, they have to become the chairperson for the rest of us. The nuances of how beautiful, fabulous and magical we are as brown girls become diminished if we only see one [race] shining.

I want to show the diversity and versatility of who we are as brown girls.

I want to show all the brown girls that we can be real-life princesses and that we deserve love stories and fairytale endings.

It’s about me, but it’s also bigger than me.

The rose amoungst all the thorns…Qiniso Van Damme is hoping to find ‘The One’ fro a group of 12 suitors on The Bachelor SA Credit: Supplied

What are your thoughts on interracial relationships?

Girl, I am the product of an interracial relationship…literally!

I was born in 1993 [to a white father and black mother] and they weren’t allowed to be in love…but here I am!

I’ve had many interracial relationships so that hasn’t been a deal-breaker for me.

How do you feel about affection and intimacy on the show? Are you going to engage in it and what’s your approach

Even though it is a reality show, I really want the process to be natural..[and organic].

Whatever happens naturally and is consensual is fine with me…make-outs, cuddles, I’m ready for it!