Protective styling is the way to go in winter when hair is especially dry and more susceptible to breakage

They’re low manipulation (i.e don’t put a strain on your hair), do not require heat and can be worn for a longer period of time than regular hairstyles.

Prior to styling your hair, it’s imperative that you remember to do this…

  • Deep condition regularly
  • Use a combination of oil and protein treatments
  • Moisturise your hair daily

If you plan on wearing your protective style for a longer period of time, you may want to invest in a dry shampoo or one suitable for styling.

Take a look at a few ideas for protective hairstyles.

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Braids or cornrows

Individual braids, box braids or corn rows give you a cute hair make-over that can be done using your own hair or hair extensions.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from; a quick Google image or YouTube tutorial search will give you an idea of where to start.

Just remember to braid your hair loose and not over-manipulate your hairline.

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Two or three strand twist

It’s literally what the name suggests…part your hair into small sections and twist two or three strands from root to tip. Prior to this, add a leave-in conditioner, gel or mouse to help keep the mould of the twist.

Watch the tutorial below to see how it’s done…

Bonus: Your hair will have a lovely wave to it once you unravel the twists.

Finger coils and flexi rods

Like the twists mentioned above, add a curl-enhancing or leave-in cream or gel prior to styling. Section pieces of your hair and then start coiling small pieces around your finger and coil them in a twisting motion from root to tip.

A flexi rod takes this style a step further by wrapping your coiled finer curl around a perm-style rod to set.

Both styles result in a super-defined head full of curls.

Up styles

If you want your hair to be up and out of your face, you can try a range of upstyles like topknots, pineapple do’s, low buns and more.

Add some braids and beads for an extra effect.


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Wigs and weaves

Wearing a wig or weave through winter (changing them regularly) is a great way to help give your natural hair a break, and help it grow too!

Your hair is usually braided with the wig or weave installation

Another great thing about this option is that the styling possibilities are endless!

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Scarves, turbans and doeks

Cover it up, but make it fashionable! Who says scarves, doeks, du-rags, turbans and other cover-ups can’t look cute?

Remember to keep your hair well moisturised underneath and you’re ready to go!


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Whatever hair style you choose – it’s important to keep them protected against tangles, frizz and friction which causes damage by covering them with a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillow case.