By Sarah Elizabeth

We know it’s cold. We know it’s dark outside when the alarm goes off or you get home from work

But gyms are closed and many of us are not getting our endorphin fixes, and everything just feels so stressful and overwhelming.

What if we tell you that finding your happy place could be hitting the road, or if you don’t live in a secure area, a yoga mat might be all it takes to transport you to a place where you feel relaxed and more able to cope with the chaos unleashed on our minds and bodies by Covid-19?

Take a moment. Close your eyes and go to the place where you feel happy, relaxed and at peace…

Notice how the unrelenting tasks of the day, the chaos of life simply seems to fade away.

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We all have our “happy place.” The place that offers us refuge from stress and gives us the space in which to take a breath and realign with life. For me, this sanctuary is often found doing a physical activity. From the rhythmical sounds of running shoes hitting the tar, or seeing a magnificent sunrise as I plunge into the water for a sea swim. These activities help me to de-stress.

Being active has always been part of my adult life. Over the last 15 years I have run Comrades, participated in staged trail events and completed marathons around the world. Before lockdown my alarm would be set for 4:10am and I would automatically be up to go for a run or swim before my day started.

However, I don’t know about you, but with the colder weather this past month, I have really struggled to leave my warm bed to go for my morning run or swim.

This got me thinking. Sometimes the lack of motivation prevents us from getting out there, but other times there is something else stopping us from being active. In my line of work, I talk to many women who feel like they can’t go out and exercise because of the dreaded “bounce.” They feel inhibited by this. This is a real struggle for so many women.

For others it is the “monster of comparison”, which rears its ugly head and robs them of the opportunity to get out there and try! “What will the others at the gyms think?” or “What if I am the slowest runner and get left behind?” These thoughts often prevent us from even starting.

What prevents YOU from living an active lifestyle? What is causing YOU to procrastinate?

We are very fortunate to live in an exceptionally beautiful country. From the unapparelled coastline to the rolling vibrant green hills, we are surrounded by natural beauty. If you are one of those people that might be procrastinating, or if you picked up the bad habit of staying in bed too long, now is the time to change that. This week it’s time to try and identify what is holding you back and make the decision to get out and try something new.

Whether it’s a run, walk, yoga session or strength training it is time to get out and about.


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