Ever wonder what a winter Christmas would be like? Less braaivleis and ice-cream and more stuffed roasts and warm custard

You can have it both ways this year by celebrating a winter Christmas in July. Here are our favourite winter Christmas recipes.

Sticky, warm and sweet Christmas treats

Is there a more comforting season than Christmas? Tuck into these warm and comforting desserts, because Christmas is coming twice this year.

Christmas dessert

No-Bake Christmas Fruit Cake recipe

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Snowy Gingerbread Trees recipe

Star Topped Mince Pies recipe

A traditional Christmas roast

Let’s face it, no one actually wants to be stuck in the kitchen for hours with a hot oven during the hottest month of the year. These slow roasts were made for winter.

Christmas roast

One-Pot Christmas Chicken with Roast Potatoes recipe

Roasted Lamb with Chimichurri Sauce recipe

Glazed Gammon with Mandarins recipe

All the trimmings

If ever there was a time to be generous, it would be Christmas, don’t skimp out on all your family’s favourite trimmings.

 Christmas sides

Roast Potatoes recipe

Warm Roast Carrot and Butternut Salad recipe

Healthy Creamed Spinach recipe