Tights are awesome fashion staples that can instantly turn any outfit into a chic, killer look

Their wide variety and amazing evolution make them definite must-haves for every fashionista. They have also stood the test of time and are clearly here to stay.

Most popular types of tights

Sheer tights

The sheer tights are made with a light material that is see-through. They are a better choice for those not-so-cold days and are very popular because they are lightweight.

Opaque tights

Opaque tights are on the thicker side and are perfect for when winter is in full swing because they are so warm. They have different degrees of thickness:

  • Semi-opaque – which still look a bit like sheer but thicker with a bit of skin visibility
  • Thick opaque – skin is less visible and the material is very thick and warm
  • Mega thick opaque – are super thick and similar to leggings.

Fishnet tights

These are the ‘sexiest’ types of tights on the market and should always be worn a certain way to look more elegant. They make the body appear elongated with a beautiful silhouette.

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Seamless tights

Seamless tights come in various designs such as vintage, sheer or even textured. The great thing about them is that they make the panty line less visible.

Benefits of wearing tights

Tights not only help you make a statement, they also have other cool benefits.

Provide warmth

They are a great addition to any wardrobe for the winter season as they provide warmth.

Give a slimming effect

A bit like shapewear, they smooth out your body making you look slimmer with a stunning silhouette. They keep the tummy in place and also give that butt a bit of a lift, something that every girl needs.

Protect the skin

Tights protect your skin from the harsh, cold conditions as well as prevent your feet from getting blisters.

Here are a few types of tights available for every taste

Colourful tights

Get noticed wherever you go in these colourful opaque tights.

Gold opaque tights from Legwear: R110

Purple opaque tights from Legwear: R140

Thick black opaque tights

Keep the cold at bay in these thick tights that will give you an edgy look.

Thick black patterned tights from MRP: R69,99

Thick black tights from MRP: R69,99

Patterned tights

Turn heads in these patterned tights that will give you a fashion-forward look. Be sure to get the polka dot patterned tights as they are a huge trend this season.

Patterned sheer tights from Legwear: R95

Polka dot tights from Legwear: R105

Sheer tights

Sizzle in these sheer tights that are nothing but sexy!

Sheer tights from Woolworths: R149

Fish net tights from Takealot: R89

Check out some fabulous ways to style tights below