Having the right tools is everything, whether you’re a carpenter or make-up artist….

A good rule of thumb is to invest in the basics. But if you’re a beginner in the world of beauty, or want to avoid a huge collection of unused and expensive items in the future, where should you start?

Durban-based beauty blogger Siobhan Yeatman of Sugar & Spice narrows it down to five tools that every woman should have.

Foundation brush

A good foundation buffing brush gives your skin a fuller coverage finish and helps blend foundation well, says Yeatman.

She suggests using a brush like this one from Urban Decay. While it may be a bit on the pricey side, it’s worth it as cheaper brushes can often shed hairs.

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Urban Decay large tapered foundation brush – R590


Her brush still looks as good as new with no signs of shedding and works like a charm.


Beauty sponge

This nifty tool can be used to apply foundation or cream makeup products.

“I like to use it to blend my concealer and tinted moisturisers. You use them damp by running the sponge under water and squeezing out the excess – this helps the cream products blend naturally into the skin.”

She is all for this super-affordable Wet n Wild sponge.

Wet n Wild cosmetic sponge – R59,95


Facial roller

“This luxurious product helps cool skin, soothe puffy eyes (which is amazing if you suffer from allergies or sinus problems) and ease tension from jaw clenching,” reveals Yeatman.

She uses a jade facial roller from The Beautiful Store, but you can find similar ones for varying prices.


L’abeille natural jade stone face roller – R580



Every woman needs a hairbrush that doesn’t break or pull hair, she says.

“I have used a Tangle Teezer exclusively for more years than I can remember as it never pulls on or breaks my hair, and I can safely use it on wet hair.

“I’ve also started loving the Moyoko brush from Mycro Keratin. Brushes like this are fabulous for kids who hate hair brushing. And for someone like me with highlighted hair that tangles easily, they’re incredible.”

Mycro Keratin Moyoko brush – R230

Cleansing tool

Sometimes your hands just aren’t effective enough, which is why a facial cleansing brush is the way to go.

Yeatman suggests trying a cleansing tool if you wear a lot of makeup, battle with breakouts and clogged pores, or just want to do a really deep cleanse.

“They help your cleanser to really get rid of dirt, impurities, pollution and oils from the day,” she says.

She recommends this one from Sorbet, which comes with two intensity settings and won’t break the bank.

Sorbet Pore Your Heart Out hydro facial cleanser – R329