A husband who transitioned into a woman after spending £23k (around R490,000) on surgery says it has strengthened their marriage…

Taylor Vanmalsen (29) lived as a male for the majority of her life despite always knowing she wanted to live as a woman.

When Taylor and Sarah (27) met, Taylor was living as a man. She eventually revealed her secret to Sarah, who told The Daily Mail that she spent eight months in therapy to come to terms with being in a ‘lesbian’ relationship. Following the therapy, Sarah became one of the major driving forces behind Taylor’s transition.

Taylor used her savings and her credit card to pay for surgery to shave down the bone above her eyebrow to give her a more feminine face shape. She also had her Adam’s apple removed, and had breast augmentation and lip filler. However, she hasn’t gone through complete gender reassignment surgery yet.

Taylor Vanmalsen with Sarah before her surgery.
(Pic by Caters News Agency, MagazineFeatures.co.za)


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The couple now have a 21-month-old daughter, Valerie. Taylor says their marriage is stronger than ever before as she is no longer depressed and is able to give Sarah her ‘full affection’.

The happy couple and their daughter Valerie, before and after Taylor’s surgery.
(Pic by Caters News Agency, MagazineFeatures.co.za)