Who you gonna call when Ghost Pops mysteriously vanish?

If you’ve been struggling to find one of Mzansi’s favourite snacks on your store shelves, you’re not alone. “Guys, what’s happened to Ghost Pops?!”

A radio listener recently posed this question to the 947 Breakfast Club, and had South Africans shaking in their boots at the thought that the puffed maize snack of awesomeness may have been “discontinued”!

Who you gonna call?

All4Women sent out its best scouts to track down a woman-in-the-know.

South Africans will be pleased to hear that Meghna Laxman, Senior Communications Manager for SIMBA, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo Inc., allayed our worst fears.

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“Ghost Pops have NOT been discontinued,” assures Laxman. “We had to make some difficult choices because of  lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions as to which brands we produce, but we will be bringing Ghost Pops back to the stores soon”

Thankfully, SIMBA has recommenced production, and should be serving them up mid- to late-August. “It may take a bit of time before products go from being produced in our factories to consumers seeing them on shelves,” says Laxman.

But it will be worth the wait.