The COVID -19 pandemic has forced everyone to make drastic changes to their lives in a very short space of time. One of the changes some people weren’t ready to make is moving the office home

While working from home definitely has its benefits, there are also some undeniable drawbacks. In celebration of corporate wellness day, we spoke to The Harvest Table’s owner and founder Catherine Clark about the steps we can take to contribute to our own ‘corporate’ wellness while working from home.

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Don’t just eat, eat right

Close proximity to snacks and stress and anxiety is a recipe for emotional eating. Binging on your favourite junk foods isn’t just bad for your waistline, it’s bad for your physical and mental health too because it means you leave little room for nutrient-dense healthy foods.

The opposite stress reaction, not eating and missing meals is equally bad for your health. Catherine suggests smoothies, a quick and easy treat that packs a nutritious punch for both stress reactions.

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“Key to eliminating this and finding some ‘balance’ is to eat regular meals (especially breakfast!) and to snack in between. A fruit, yoghurt or handful of biltong or nuts will tie you over to your next meal, plus it will also stop you from overeating. And, for those who don’t eat enough, making time to refuel your body will help give you the energy and mood boost required to perform at your peak! If you are not a lover of eating fruits whole and prefer to ‘drink’ a snack, consider making smoothies! It’s a real treat!,” says Catherine.

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Keep normal working hours

Working from home often becomes living at work, which means longer working hours. While there may be many justifiable reasons to be anxious about your job and wanting to prove yourself by doing more, overworking yourself is bad for you and the quality of your work in the long run. 

Catherine agrees that maintaining regular work hours works out best for both you and your employers in the end. 

“Use this ‘working from home’ opportunity to (re)format your hard drive. To do that you need to set up a new routine. Use your cellphone alarm to remind you when to take a break for lunch and to log off. And, use your ‘lunch hour’ to engage in some sort of exercise, you will not only feel better, but you will also sleep better too,” says Catherine.

Build a healthy routine

All the changes in our lives call for a change of routine and at the risk of being cliché, find a ‘new normal’. 

Great additions to your new healthy routine should include limiting your consumption of social media. While social media is a great source of news and information it is also a massive source of fake news and misinformation. If you can’t take a complete break from social media, Catherine suggests training yourself to look past negative posts and unverified news.

Another great addition to your routine is adding a dietary supplement to ensure you’re getting all your nutrients, even if you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen anymore. 

“One way to do this is through the addition of tasteless Collagen powder/granules (which is easy to add into just about anything) or Bone Broth Powder which is a complete protein (containing all 9 essential amino acids) and is packed full of minerals,” she says.

“In addition to helping your body digest food properly, these supplements have a plethora of health benefits including strengthening hair, nails and teeth, improving the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin, reducing both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, improving flexibility, and even helps form new bones,” she adds.

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