Fans of Britney Spears are demanding an end to her conservatorship under the hashtag #FreeBritney which went viral on Monday

Following the shocking revelation that singer Kanye West plans to run for US presidency, social media users called out the unfair narrative being played out by the media, which they claim benefits Kanye – who like Britney, suffers from mental health issues.

Britney’s conservatorship – which prevents the pop star from accessing her own money as well as having any legal control over her estate – was recently extended after it’s initial placement in 2008 following a series of mental health breakdowns at the time.

Britney’s father Jamie was placed as her conservator, giving him authority as her legal guardian and control over her financial and personal assets. He recently stepped down in his capacity due to ‘health reasons’ handing over the role to her lawyer.

Through the years, things got messy when Britney’s dad accused her of having dementia, refusing treatment and allegedly forced her to check into a mental health facility

But fans are alleging there’s more to the story and are claiming that Britney is being “manipulated and controlled” through the court-approved document and that the singer is more than capable of making decisions concerning her own life.

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They’ve started he #FreeBritney movement in the hopes of seeing her conservatorship come to an end, and have even gone as far as to start a petition on

Take a look at what tweeps had to say about the whole scenario which received fresh interest this week…

On the flipside, Britney has been getting flack following what fans claim are a series of bizarre TikTok videos the singer shared in recent days

The singer was plagued by nasty comments on her TikTok account from users who are calling her ‘mentally unstable’.

Some users have even gone to extreme lengths to lambaste the star, sharing wild conspiracy theories claiming Britney is actually a ‘clone’ or a ‘robot’!

Looks like Britney can never win, one way or another!