With the amount of time that many of us spend with our co-workers, it’s not surprising that workplace romances happen…

But is it a bad idea to date a co-worker? What are the potential pitfalls, and how do we define boundaries between home and work? Will the romance cause bitterness and upheaval in the office environment, or will your contemporaries support your relationship?

In this fascinating 5-minute TED Talk, organisational psychologist Amy Nicole Baker answers seven of the most common questions about dating a co-worker including whether or not you should ever consider hooking up with your boss!

Here are the top 7 questions:

  1. Should I date my co-worker?
  2. Should I date my boss?
  3. Can I date someone who reports to me?
  4. I’ve just started seeing a co-worker. How do we handle things?
  5. Why are co-workers often attracted to each other?
  6. My co-workers are flirting. I’m annoyed. What do I do? –
  7. Do I need a policy on workplace relationships?


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