Lockdown has seen many women abandon focus on their self-care routines

Steaming of the ‘Yoni’ – the Sanskrit word for vagina  – using a combination of herbs all while supposedly ridding it of toxins, infections, menstrual cramps and a multiple of vaginally related health problems is the latest craze when it comes to at-home treatments.

Various sellers on social media sell packs for home vaginal cleaning consisting of balls or loose herbs.

Medical science has yet to weigh in on if they are effective or safe, despite many claiming that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

If social media commentary is anything to go by, a lot of ladies are trying the Yoni steam and raving about the results. Some described the steam as getting a brand new vagina, whilst others even claimed the steam improved their sex lives.

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One tweep even claimed it helped her fall pregnant.

Celebrity poet Lebo Mashile expressed how she used herbal remedies to clean her lady parts which she claimed was the ‘best thing she’d ever done in her life’.
Lebo claimed that she found her recipe on Google and used herbs she had available to her.

Lebo even posted the recipe she used to create her steaming mixture.

Meanwhile medical doctor Sindi van Zyl admitted that she had yet to try Yoni steaming and referred tweets to an expert on the matter, who had nothing but praise for the popular practise.


The jury is still out on whether steaming your vagina with herbs cures ailments. There have been no medical confirmations or evidence about the efficacy of the practise.