Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 01:39 pm

Put your best foot forward! Whether it’s your favourite winter sweater, LBD, comfy track pants or gym wear, everyone has their wardrobe go-to for whatever the occasion

There is no better way to start the day with clothes that don’t just feel good on you, but that also have a crisp scent, giving you kicks of freshness throughout the day. 

There is something so great about the smell of freshly laundered clothes!

Take a look at some tips and tricks to achieve long-lasting freshness to your wardrobe items and beat undesirable odours.

Wash your clothes with fresh, clean and pleasant fragrances

If you want to know how to get clothes smelling, looking and feeling fresh, one needs to use high quality and long-lasting odour removers, fragrances or washing powders so it lingers days after the wash load.

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There are so many fragrances of freshness to choose from, depending on your liking. 

Have no worries when cooking in the kitchen, working all day, doing a tough gym session or even having your babies spill milk all over your favourite t-shirt. The Dr Beckmann Odour Remover eliminates stubborn smells from clothing effortlessly, prevent new odours from forming and creates long-lasting freshness. 

Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder is a multi-enzyme probiotic rich detergent that offers superior cleaning performance. After using, your favourite fashion items come out whiter and brighter and all odours are eliminated. This product is fast and effective! 

Dry your clothes for the ultimate and long-lasting freshness

It’s important to make sure that your laundry isn’t sitting around when wet – no one likes the smell of anything damp!

If using the machine dryer, try adding a fabric softener or conditioner which will help with long lasting comfort and softness. There are many ways to create DIY fabric softeners too.  

With our beautiful winter sun, hang your washing outside. Air drying clothes after washing will give your favourite fashion items that added freshness and will help remove any lingering odours.

Regardless of the drying method you choose, always check that the clothes are completely dry before putting them back in your wardrobe.

Keeping your wardrobe clean and tidy helps lock in the long-lasting freshness. 

Stay Soft Fabric Softener has a truly tranquil fragrance – who wouldn’t want their clothes to smell like a baby?

Look after your washer and dryer

Maintaining and cleaning your appliances regularly is another key secret in keeping your wardrobe items smelling fresh, clean and wonderful.

Did you know that washing machines and dryers are breeding grounds for bacteria and mould – which both create undesirable odours to your favourite fashion items? 

Experts recommend you wash your appliances every couple of months. For the DIY route, simply set the empty wash cycle on the hottest setting, add 500ml of vinegar to the drum and 50g of baking soda to the drawer and press ‘Start’. For the air dryer, make sure the lint trap is emptied after each cycle, as well as around the door, to avoid any lint build-up transferring odours to your clothes.

If it smells nasty, you can deodorise the dryer by wiping a cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar around the inside. Close the door once the vinegar smell has gone.

Use Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner every 2 months in a wash on its own. This product kills 99,9 percent of bacteria. The secret formula will reach hidden areas. 

DR.Beckmann Service eliminates detergent residue from the washing machine drum, pipes and seals. It also eliminates limescale on your machines elements to improve efficiency whilst protecting your washing machine against future breakdowns.