eNCA (DStv 403) financial reporter Heidi Giokos has tested positive for Covid-19

Heidi received her results days after her colleague Shahan Ramkissoon tested positive.

On Tuesday, Heidi welcomed Shahan back on the air, as both journalists broadcast from theIR homes.

She said that she is speaking out because she wants to help break the social stigma around Covid-19 testing.

“I’ve tested positive for Covid-19. I’ve only had mild symptoms, but I’m OK, and I know I will overcome this. My priority remains to keep my family safe,” Heidi Giokos said on Thursday.

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“I wanted to speak out because for some reason there’s a stigma and despite my constant efforts to wash hands, sanitise everything, wear a mask, I realise that many of us are exposed to people, will take on that risk,” she tweeted.

Heidi is the latest eNCA journalist cloistered at home because of Covid-19 after Shahan Ramkissoon and other eMedia staffers tested positive for the virus at the eNCA Hyde Park office

On Saturday eNuus broadcast a pre-recorded episode after the newsroom shut down for a deep-clean because of a Covid-19 case.

Author: News24 Entertainment