How much is too much? That is the question when packing a nappy bag because we are always worried that we may have forgotten something

When babies are small, we start off carrying a lot but as they get older the quantity decreases, and dare I say the bag can shrink?

5 tips to take the stress out of packing a nappy bag

Function and irresistible fashion

Our mothers will tell us we need a gigantic bag to hold everything plus the kitchen sink. Maybe they are right, but who says that we can’t be stylish moms at the same time?

There are some really trendy nappy bags on the market with a good lifespan. Personally I love the Caboodle: the neutral colour matches everything and the size is just right – with enough pockets to separate the essentials.

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The zip is strong for the multiple times that it is going to slide up and down in its first two years of life. It’s not a heavy bag and has a good strap to hang on your shoulder. If you want a bag that hangs on your pram test the strap before purchasing it to make sure the mall trolls can’t easily rip it off. All bags can be wiped down, but the odd wash in a machine is also a good idea.


A bag with compartments is best. It saves time to not scratch endlessly looking for a lost dummy in the far corner of the bag while your baby is screaming hysterically. The Caboodle bag not only has pockets on the side but also has a bottle bag for the inside and extra small pouches.

If the items are always stored in the same spots, you won’t find yourself in a pickle at the most in inopportune moments.

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Planning ahead

A nappy bag always stores the standard items, but if you are going somewhere special the following day try and pack the night before. You should only need to put the flask of water into the bag the next morning. Even the formula can be packed into the formula dispensers. This way you have one less thing to worry about in your haste to get your baby into a car seat, all clean and smiley. Scooping up a packed bag up on the way out the door is going to help a lot in your day’s activities.

Friday check day

A good idea is to have a regular “clean the nappy bag” day. Wipe the bag both inside and out (including the changing mat even if it looks clean). Pack fresh clothes and check their size and that they are suitable for the weather that weekend. There is always a toy or two: ensure it’s age appropriate and clean. The grubby fingers make them sticky and this transfers onto other items in the bag. If you have a toddler, make sure the snacks have not expired or crumbled.

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Must-pack items

This is when the head scratching begins. Where do you start?

  • One nappy for every two hours that you will be out (plus 2 extra just in case)
  • Sealed pack of wet wipes
  • One full set of clothes in a Ziplock bag
  • Changing mat
  • Bum cream (the sample size tubs are perfect)
  • Receiving blanket
  • Hat and sunscreen for summer
  • Bottles and a formula dispenser filled up
  • Bibs, two dummies and a burp cloth
  • Taglet – for sleep time
  • First aid kit and some rubbish bags
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Age-appropriate toys

Being prepared can be the difference between serenity and chaos.