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Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 02:54 pm

If you’re keen to get your hair done, a much-needed mani or pedi or ease the stress of lockdown with a deep tissue massage, we totally don’t blame (or judge) you!

Salons, grooming and wellness spas have officially opened for business making the possibility of getting your favourite treatment – or a dire haircut – a reality.

However, as fun and care-free as they may sound, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, you cannot ignore the necessary steps that must be taken during trips out.

Here’s how to protect yourself during a trip to a salon or spa.

Speak to your salon/spa ahead of making an appointment

Every salon or spa must have their own health and safety regulations in place, specifically to deal with Covid-19.

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Be sure to ask the establishment how they plan to:

  • Practise social distancing amongst clients
  • Disinfect work stations and sanitise clients
  • Do temperature checks
  • Sterilise equipment
  • What PPE each employee will be wearing as well as if they provide any to clients
  • How they will be enforcing regulations amongst clients eg. – no mask, no entry and no walk-ins
  • Reduce capacity to prevent crowding

If the establishment does not have the answers to any one of these questions, consider it a red flag.

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Keep your mask on at all times

Salon/spa workers should also have their mask on too.

As silly as it sounds, wear a pair of safety goggles to not only avoid touching your eyes, but prevent potentially dangerous respiratory droplets entering them.

Be vigilant of what is happening

Insist on your beautician, barber or hairstylist sanitising and/or washing their hands in your presence – before and after treating you.

If you’re having a mani/pedi wear a pair of disposable gloves and cut the tips off.

If you’re adamant about having a facial, feel free to ask if the spa offers products that have not been used by others ie ‘fresh packets’.

Also ask your salon/spa if they are using disposable equipment too.

Carry your own towel

It may sound extreme, but take your own towel on your trip too avoid using ones belonging to the salon.

You can also ask the salon if they can use disposable ones instead.

Avoid using cash

The less physical contact, the better!

Inquire if you can tap your card (if you have the feature) or do an instant EFT.

Stay home if you’re sick!

Don’t put your life or others in danger if you suspect you may have Covid-19.

Even if you are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms, rather reschedule your appointment for when you feel better.

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Remember it’s not your normal spa/salon experience

Covid-19 has changed the way the world does things for the unforeseeable future. Under these circumstances, expect changes to your normal experience in the following ways:

  • No hugging or unnecessary physical contact
  • No food or beverages to be served
  • No magazines in the waiting area (no clients in the waiting area either)
  • No children or tag-alongs allowed in
  • Most importantly, be patient with your stylist/beautician – they’re also experiencing the same high levels of stress and anxiety as you (if not worse) as well as the pressure to deliver and keep their business afloat.

Wash your clothes and disinfect again when you get home

Leave your shoes outside (where you can later disinfect them – on top and underneath), take a bath/shower and soak your clothes in soapy water.