Ntando Duma has come under fire after hosting a birthday party for her daughter during lockdown…

The actress celebrated her daughter Sbahle’s third birthday over the weekend with a Frozen-themed party.

“I wish I could have had all my friends and more kids to come experience and celebrate this milestone with us but ke sizothini? Sis Covid showed us flames. Nonetheless we had fun with my special and close ones on my baby girl’s special day as she turned three,” Ntando said in an Instagram post.

The TV presenter shared pictures of the event on social media, but some of her followers were not happy with the fact that she threw a birthday party for her child during the Covid-19 pandemic

Some people claimed that she was using her status as a celebrity to flout regulations.


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#SbahleTurned3 with the rents💙 Decor : @rorisangevent 🎈 : @triplek_creations 📸: @_anteye

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One Twitter user commented: “Your kid is three, she could have waited for a birthday celebration … I know many kids that have and then you post it proudly on social media as if you didn’t break the law.”

Another user said: “Hospitals are reaching full capacity, patients are fighting for beds and oxygen but we cannot hold back on celebration until this passes. We are a pretty selfish nation.”

Another comment read: “Reality will hit them soon, just coz they are celebrities then we must applaud them even why they are wrong.”

Ntando took to Twitter to clear up allegations that she was not keeping her daughter safe

She explained that only family members attended the party and that everyone “stayed covered and protected”.

An Instagram post on Sbahle’s account also confirmed that the party was “small and intimate”.

Many people have voiced their support for Ntando, praising her for being a good mother and co-parenting with DJ Junior De Rocka.

These were some of the comments on social media:

“Your money. Your child. Your house. Your rules.”

“As long as Sbahle enjoyed her birthday, that’s all that matters. Let them haters heal.”

“You don’t even owe anyone an explanation, people must learn to mind their own business.”

“You shouldn’t be explaining hey. Even your captions indicated it was family. Twas a precious family moment and you need to just revel and be thankful for the blessings. Can’t stop humans from being pained by other people’s joy.”

“Kudos to you and your family for complying.”