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When I was younger I saw wine as a crucible; separating the refined drinkers who can taste the very barrel the wine was fermented in from the common guzzler who will drink anything for a buzz

Countless strolls down the wine aisle of the supermarket and liquor stores and an unmentionable number of bottles named after religious-figures, relatives and animals I really can’t see having anything to do with wine. Later I’m taking my first sip of wine from a can – through an aluminium straw no less. How does it feel? Refreshing!

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What do I know about wine?

My first sip of wine was in the vestry of my primary school’s chapel. It was bitter and gross and at the time I couldn’t for the life of me understand why people with the means and legal right to buy alcohol would choose to drink this tongue-numbing stuff.

Fast forward a few years and I’m gulping boxed rose from a coffee mug at a commune after my first horror date. Then waking up to one of many varsity life wine hangovers… I used to think it was the price of the wine or maybe the fact that it came in a box that made my head hurt. I know better now.

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With some wisdom, time, finally letting go of the need to pretend to enjoy Chardonnay, when actually I just really like a good Shiraz (even with my fish), I’ve realised it isn’t about the packaging, the price or even what you drink it with – it’s all about the pleasure of drinking something you like.

I’m ready for the revolution

Perdeberg Wines launched its range of canned wines at the beginning of the wine revolution where drinking what you like becomes the norm and pretentious sniffing at the dinner table can finally come to an end.

Wine in a can means I don’t have to compromise on my preference and share a bottle. I also don’t need to worry about corkscrew aerobics, which is a plus even before I’ve opened the can. Most importantly for me and other lightweight drinkers, 250ml is the perfect portion size for a relaxed evening – you get to enjoy the wine and finish it without the room ever spinning.

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Does it taste the same as wine from a bottle?

I received 3 cans of wine from Perdeberg Wines Soft Smooth Revolution range. Soft smooth white, soft smooth red and soft smooth rose.

The aim is not to complicate wine drinking or be excessively posh so I settled down with my seafood pizza, randomly picked a can (it was soft smooth white) and settled down for a night of binge-watching.

Although admittedly white wine is not my go-to drink, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the clean crisp taste. I could not taste anything that could be attributed to the wine being packaged in a can rather than a bottle.

Would I buy canned wine?

As soon as Perdeberg Wines makes the SSR canned wine collection available it is going to be my new go-to for casual wine drinking. Although I don’t see the cans making it on to my dinner table anytime soon, they definitely have a home in my picnic basket, braai cooler and on my table for evenings of couch surfing.

Keeping it simple isn’t for everyone, if you have very specific tastes in wine, you might not enjoy the wine blends; there is no specific option simply, red, white or rose, which is all intentional.

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