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A man who was born without arms and short legs says it was love at first sight!

Ryan Hudson-Peralta, 40, was born with congenital limb deficiency which means that his arms and legs failed to fully form when he was developing in the uterus.

Doctors prepared his parents for the “worst” and predicted he would never go to a mainstream school, work, drive or have children.

But the dad-of-two from Detroit, US, has defied the odds and refused to let his disability get in the way of finding love and living life.

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Ryan, who is a design leader, said: “Everyone thinks a disabled guy can’t have a pretty woman by their side so they are amazed that Carrie, 46, is my wife – not my caretaker.

“But I don’t even have one. I do everything independently from driving, bathing, eating and even going to the toilet.

“I understand why people are curious and in disbelief when they see Carrie, who is an artist and I, because it is unusual to them but totally normal to us.

Love at first sight

“Carrie and I immediately connected when we met in 2000 and I instantly knew we would get married from the moment we met,” says Ryan.

“She already had a daughter called Myranda, now 25, and I knew I wanted to be in her life and be a father figure.

“Doctors were concerned in case our son Noah, 18, was going to be like me, even though it isn’t a heredity condition but we wouldn’t have cared anyway.

“I am living proof you can lead a normal life despite being born without arms and short legs.”


(PICTURED Ryan Hudson-Peralta as a child)(Source: MagazineFeatures.co.za & CATERS NEWS)

Ryan lives a full, exciting life

Medics thought Ryan would be incapable of attending a mainstream school, driving and working but he has thrived. He is extremely confident, and has become the perfect role model for other children with his condition.

He adds: “I knew I would find love as I’ve always been comfortable around girls despite my disability.

“My parents never treated me like I was different, and always pushed for me to try things.

“I have much shorter arms and legs but that doesn’t stop me from doing anything!

“I graduated from a mainstream school and started a career in graphics despite doctors saying it wasn’t possible.

“When somebody assumes I am unable to do something – I love to prove them wrong.

“I realised at a young age that I can’t change my appearance, I’m not going to be able to grow arms and legs so I chose to own it and embrace it.

PICTURED Ryan Hudson-Peralta at his graduation
(Source: MagazineFeatures.co.za & CATERS NEWS)

“My confidence didn’t grow over night – I have trained myself to always be positive.”

“I’ve never had a problem with bullies as I have always been able to fight back verbally.

“There’s no book on how to live without arms and legs for dummies. Everything I do is trial and error.

Mentor for children with disabilities

Ryan is a mentor for children who were born with the same condition in the US, including his hometown, to ensure they have the confidence to defy the odds as they grow up.

He adds: “It is important for me to be there for parents of children who have the same condition as me to ensure they are aware that the sky is the limit.

“Sometimes people don’t live their life to the full as they are ashamed of how they look or believe they can’t do something.


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“I share tips with parents and children on available technology and different ways of writing such as placing the pen under your chin and shoulder.”

“I also modify my clothes to make things easier for me so I share those tips too – I would love to work with manufacturers to tweak a few things to make it easier for those with disabilities.

“My goals are to one day modify a Tesla so I can drive it, and be in TV and films so children with disabilities around the world can see someone they can relate to.”

PICTURED Ryan painting
(Source: MagazineFeatures.co.za & CATERS NEWS)


PICTURED Ryan with his wife Kerri in the early years of their marriage) (Source: MagazineFeatures.co.za & CATERS NEWS)