Our daily lives have changed significantly and our routines are different, we are cleaning more aggressively, wearing face masks and experiencing times of extreme stress

This can all have an impact on your skin. It is important to make conscious choices during these times to keep your skin healthy. 

Eau Thermale Avène – a skincare brand which caters to all kinds of sensitivities – shares their top tips on how to care for your sensitive skin.

Take care of your hands

Use lukewarm water to respect your hand sensitivity. Avoid washing your hands with excessively cold or hot water to avoid skin irritation.

Use a gentle cleansing product that respects your skin’s barrier and offers additional nourishing benefits. Be wary of harsh soaps as they can disrupt your skin’s barrier. If you don’t have access to anything else, make sure you rather wash your hands than not and make sure to apply a suitable hand cream 2-3 times a day to moisturise and repair the irritation and cracks!

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Avoid skin irritations

Don’t forget the basics. When our routines are disrupted, we may forget to take care of our skin or simply become lazy. This can be detrimental to your skin health, so try maintaining your skincare regime. Remember to cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type.

Moisturise morning and evening and don’t forget your neck/chest area. If your skin is feeling hypersensitive, opt for products that are extra gentle and help restore your skin’s natural balance.

Remember, sunscreen is a must – even in winter. Apply sunscreen with added antioxidant protection which will not only protect you when you are outdoors, but also help combat UV-generated oxidative stress. 

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If you experience a rash or irritation as a result of wearing face masks or other irritants, use products that are proven to be safe and effective, to avoid aggravating the skin further.

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Be very careful of home remedies

Very often these experimental skincare remedies can cause some serious harm to your skin. Stick to expert products with proven efficacy. 

Keep your hands off your face. As tempting as it can be when it is itchy or uncomfortable, touching your face during these times can cause bacteria to spread (which is not good for your skin) and can increase your chances of infection (refer to WHO).