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4 Useful tips for using your car as office space

As the nationwide lockdown eases and businesses open up, many people are looking for alternative working spaces. Here are four tips on how to use your car as office space…

Don’t work from the driver’s seat

Apart from the obvious – which is not to work while driving – working in the driver’s seat can be limiting. Firstly you have the steering wheel to contend with, and it takes up a lot of lap space. Rather opt for the back left seat position, and move the front left seat as far forward as possible.

This way you’ll be able to stretch your legs out and still have access to the centre console to reach that much needed cup of coffee.

Power up

Charge your devices overnight, so that you can get a good length of time to work on them before you have to switch over to the car’s ports.

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When you do need to switch to power support from the vehicle, check your car thoroughly for alternative plug points available. You may find that the customary cigarette lighter USB might not be your only option.

The Volvo XC90 for example has two 12 V electrical sockets and one 230 V electrical socket in the tunnel console, and one 12 V electrical socket in the cargo area. Take care to understand what electrical load these sockets can provide, so that you don’t overload them.

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Get connected

Most modern cars can deeply integrate your cellphone with the car’s digital features, for example by using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for Android phones. This makes it very easy to listen to your favourite playlists and easily call using your phone’s contact lists.

“You may even be able to set up your car as a wifi hotspot by using the in-car modem” comments Charmagne Mavudzi, head of marketing and communications from Volvo. Volvo’s latest SUVs – XC90 range – all come equipped with hotspot functionality. “This will help you connect multiple devices to one internet source, making it easier to move between laptop, and cellphone without interruption” she points out.

Care for your battery

Finally make sure your battery is in good condition. Working off your car battery will not provide you power forever. If you use it for too long, the battery will be drained. Equally, leaving your car on idle will waste petrol or diesel which isn’t particularly good for the environment. Consider starting your car every hour or so, and pull out that battery tender from storage, so that you can keep the car battery in good shape when it’s not in use.

Source: Volvo

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