We spoke to a 44-year-old reader who contracted Covid-19 – and is still recovering

Some lucky Covid-19 positives can hardly be called patients: they are asymptomatic and wouldn’t know they had it – if not for the positive test. For about 2% of our population, tragically, it’s fatal. And for those in between, it’s a really weird virus that comes from nowhere – and klaps you for days, confining you to bed, and feeling really awful.

This is a personal account of a Coronavirus experience by one of our All4Women readers: from the first signs, to how she suspected she might have it – and the symptoms she developed over the next few days…

I woke up with an annoying dry cough one day – all of a sudden

“That night I tanked. Fever, shakes, body aches from 0-100. The next day I was feeling shock – exhausted/fever/headache and then on day three I lost my sense of smell and taste and the chest was tight… and that’s when I knew I needed to get tested

“They say it’s like the flu – and it is, but it really isn’t…if that makes sense”

You have the normal aches and pains, fever and congestion that come with a flu – but like on steroids. I couldn’t bear to have any blanket or clothing on my skin. Odd horrible sensation.

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Then you have the loss of taste and smell which kills your appetite completely. Every time you swallow it’s this horrible metallic taste. I lost 4kgs in a week…unexpected bonus 😊

Some of the other symptoms she experienced

  • Really bad headaches and body shakes
  • Persistent dry cough
  • Dizziness and constantly feeling weak every time you stand up so you are constantly hanging on to doors and counter tops just to go wee or make tea
  • Tight chest – shallow breathing all the time
  • EXHAUSTION! Like you have never known before. I was sleeping easily 16 hours a day.

….and that was the mild version!

This was a healthy person, with an active lifestyle and no serious underlying health issues

“I am pretty healthy. I exercise three times a week and it still hit me hard. So it really is important for everyone to be just that extra vigilant.

“I have no idea where I got it. But they say the shops are the biggest breeding areas at the moment. I have not been out except to get groceries but I still got it – so it could have been Woolies or Checkers. They are the only ones closest to me that I have been to.

“I live with my kids and my niece but they were not affected at all. I had to keep them with me and not send them to their dad’s because they could be carriers. My niece is 25 and she got it too, but a milder version of it.

“Even now at the tail end of it all – my taste and smell isn’t back 100%”.

From reading her story, you can see that Covid-19 is no joke – even if you are lucky enough to be able to recuperate at home

We published this personal story because we’re concerned about the growing apathy out there when it comes to wearing masks and staying home. ‘Covid fatigue’ is a thing – we’re all stressed and exhausted from the demands this pandemic has placed on our lives and our incomes, and freaked out by the media reports of rising cases – and fatalities, but we need to play our part in klapping this virus.

Social distancing (where possible), wearing a mask at all times and washing your hands is your only protection until a vaccine is developed. Unity is strength and our strength lies in protecting each other and slowing the spread.

This too shall pass… eventually.


While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.