Weight loss is technically simply using more calories than you consume, but actually striking the balance can be tricky, even with a food journal and app calculating the calories in every bite you take

Eating healthier foods, packed with nutritional benefits is the best way to satisfy your hunger pangs, because not eating even when you’re hungry is unsustainable and generally unhealthy. Here are some nutritious foods to chow down on while you’re losing weight.

Veggie packed smoothies

Fruits and vegetables make up a big part of a healthy diet because they’re brimming with vitamins and nutrients. They’re also a great weight-loss food because they’re rich in fibre which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and satisfies your hunger on fewer calories.

When choosing your smoothie ingredients keep in mind the sugar content of your ingredients and try to include as many low sugar-high fibre ingredients as possible. Leafy greens and oats are a great start.

Green Cold Buster Smoothie recipe

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Chia seeds

Chia seeds are small, blackish-grey and get all slimy when wet. They’re a little on the expensive side, but a spoonful of chia seeds goes a long way.

While you’re packing in the satiating fibre, chia seeds are a definite game-changer. With approximately 10g of fibre in just two tablespoons, you could use them to add a major fibre boost to almost any meal.

Chia and Berry Breakfast Pots recipe

weight loss

Bone broth

It may just look like weak tea, but bone broth is very filling. It’s so filling in fact, that some dieters use it as a meal substitute even during liquid diets. 

Bone broth has nutritional benefits including being rich in protein and has the benefits of collagen your skin will thank you for. You can drink bone broth like you would a cup of water soup or use it as a base for a low calorie, high nutrient meal.

Throw in some leafy greens and another low-fat protein source and you have a satisfying and nutritious meal that would also make a great fast breaker for intermittent fasting. 

Egg, Noodles and Beef Bone Broth recipe

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Alkaline foods 

The controversial alkaline diet claims that foods with a natural PH higher than 7 ( alkaline foods) are better for your health because they lower the acidity of the body which is said to create the perfect environment for illness and inflammation to thrive.

Without getting into the veracity of the alkaline diet alkalizing the body, we can definitely appreciate the weight loss benefits of a diet high in raw fruits and veggies that excludes sugar and processed foods. 

Alkalising Salad with Zatar Chicken recipe

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Tomato-based soup

Soup diets have been a popular weight loss regimen for decades because like all good weight loss foods they are filling and low in calories.

To keep your soup low calorie and high in nutrients, you need to make sure you choose a low-calorie base. Bone broth and tomato-based soups are great because while they add flavour to your soup, they add few calories, giving you room to add nutrient-dense ingredients so you can get the most of your soup.

Tomato, Zucchini, White Bean and Basil Soup recipe

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