Finding out the sex of a baby calls for an epic party

With the help and accuracy of various technologies, it has become possible to know the sex of a baby long before she/he pops their head out into the world.

The first mention of such parties was in 2008, when blogger Jenna Karvubidis posted about a party where her child’s sex was revealed. It went viral on social media and fast became the latest baby trend.

This type of party is different to a baby shower

It’s all about announcing the gender of your baby to close family and friends and creating memories with some beautiful photos. There is often no gift giving at these parties: the stork party (or baby shower) is for that occasion. However if people are travelling from far, it could also be worth while combining the two.

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On YouTube, there are more than 500 000 videos of expectant couples slicing cakes, setting off smoke bombs and bashing pinatas.

If you are planning a party to share the good news with friends and family, here is some inspiration:

  • The best time to host a party is when the mom is 18-20 weeks pregnant.
  • Get the mom or dad to ask the sonographer to write Boy or Girl on a piece of paper and place it in a sealed envelope.
  • Pass it onto the party planner who will pass it onto the baker of the sweet treats. This is so that it’s as much a surprise for the parents as it is for the guests.

Themes and ideas for the decor and eats

  • Send out invitations once you have the 3D scan. Look at for beautiful invites to print. ( offers customisable e-invitations if you don’t like the idea of printing)
  • Fill cupcakes with coloured frosting; pink for a girl, blue for a boy
  • Silly string (cover the bottles with blank paper so that when people spray it, the colour is revealed
  • Candy floss (in pink or blue) makes for great photos and tastes delicious
  • Scratch cards
  • Ask guests to dress in pink or blue, predicating what they think the sex will be
  • Pop balloons with paint inside (make sure there is canvas as a backdrop)
  • Confetti blasters or balloons popping with confetti
  • Coloured smoke
  • Cake with the middle in pink or blue
  • Gigantic box with helium balloons, that will float out when opened showing pink or blue
  • Throw paint-filled eggs. Paint hollow eggs black and fill with pink or blue paint, to throw at a canvas
  • Vanilla cakes filled with blue or pink smarties
  • Wear white and do pink or blue hand prints on mom’s baby bump
Tasty cake for baby shower party. Copyright: belchonock (

Extra pointers

  • Encourage moms to wear white: it looks beautiful for the photos whether you are using confetti, paint, smoke bombs or silly string
  • Let dad be involved, he could do one of the painted hand prints on the baby bump etc.
  • Make sure someone is filming the special event for you
  • A professional photographer would go a long way to help capture those special moments
  • Using cameras like a polaroid or Instax means you can print out photos instantaneously and have guests write a short message on them. Place these into the baby album.

Gender reveal parties are a lot of fun: for some it’s about the party and for others it’s about the photos they will share on social media with family and friends around the world. You are creating the first of many memories that will go into the child’s baby album – so have a blast!