Millions of South African’s claim to drink coffee every morning, but coffee snobs all over the world are waiting to argue that the warm, brown, caffeinated liquid in some of our cups just doesn’t measure up to their idea of what coffee should be

We spoke to the experts at L’OR about what real coffee actually is and when and how we should be drinking it.

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Is instant coffee actually coffee?

If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you may be lost in the conversation about chicory and coffee. Although some coffee drinks contain more chicory than coffee, actual coffee does also come in an instant form.

Coffee experts at L’OR’s explain that coffee comes in 4 main forms:

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  1. Instant which is quick, convenient and water-soluble
  2. Beans – the purest form of coffee
  3. Ground coffee – which is ground coffee beans
  4. Coffee capsules, which are sometimes incorrectly referred to as pods.

The main difference between these types of coffee is how they are processed and how the coffee is then prepared.

Coffee is further separated based on flavour and the type of coffee beans used to produce it. Coffee is either Robusta or Arabica. Robusta is strong with a nutty after taste while Arabica has a milder, sweeter taste. 

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Why does it matter where coffee comes from? 

L’OR’s recently launched their newest range, Origins coffee from Colombia, Papua New Guinea and India. 

While the favoured origin for most of us is, the biggest mug in the cupboard according to L’ORs, where your coffee is grown actually does matter. Like your weaves, wigs and even brandy, coffee sourced from a single origin is of better quality than coffee blends. Though which country makes the best coffee is a matter of personal preference, it is important to know if your coffee has been sustainably and responsibly produced. 

“Coffee only grows in the tropics. There are many countries and regions that produce great coffee, but some more well-known areas are Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Coffee that is from a single origin, such as the new L’OR Espresso Origins Collection, is made using only coffee produced in this country or region and not a blend of coffee beans from different regions,” they say.

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What’s the best type of coffee to drink?

If you’re drinking coffee, the one thing you need to get out of every sip is pleasure, and that is definitely subjective. The L’ORs range has the perfect coffee for every occasion.

  • Coffee on the go: Origins India. Its high intensity (10) will get you going 
  • The office stash: Lungo Profundo, is perfect to make a big mug to get you through the day
  • At home use: Forza, is chocolatey and indulgent 
  • To offer to guests Origins Colombia is delicious, creamy, smooth and a medium intensity of 8, which is enough, but not too much  
  • To get through a deadline: Ristretto, its high intensity of 11 will give you the kick you need.