‘Tis the season to be freezin! Rain, strong winds, cold temperatures and dry air can strip away all your skin’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and scaly

Although winter offers less sunlight, the season calls for intensive skincare protection as well as a routine change.

Many people associate skincare routines with the face, but your “skin” is the largest organ of the body, so hands, elbows, heels, feet, ears, lips, and knees all need a good dose of tender-loving-care too.

To help prepare and navigate the cold weather, Playgirl and Playboy ambassador Zaweer Ebrahim, shared his top 3 tips to prepare your skin for the harsh cold winter while also surviving the lockdown.

Reduce your shower temperature

Everybody loves a hot shower on a cold winter’s day, however, hot showers are a common cause of skin problems and can worsen other existing skin issues.

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Nobody wants to hear this, but hot water combined with soap will soften your skin and slowly strip away its natural oily protective barriers.

Hot bathwater is no better. Cool your shower temperature to keep in the skin’s natural moisture and prevent dry or irritated, itchy skin.

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Use a humidifier to increase the level of moisture in the air

Humidifiers slowly release steam into the air which helps to ease the symptoms of flu and cold, and also relieve scratchy throats and dry nasal passages.

Dry air is one of the key reasons why skin tends to be itchy and excessively dry, so placing a humidifier in your house is a great tool to add moisture to the air, and to your skin.

Choose the right body lotion

Winter weather is a common cause of dry skin and so is exposure to harsh chemicals. It is important to choose the right body lotion that can help you prevent and restore dry skin.

“Playgirl and Playboy have made taking care of skin far more exciting. Playboy Code Black body lotion and Playgirl Sensuous body lotion provide your skin with what it really needs and take us into a new space between great fragrances and fantastic functional benefits”, says Ebrahim.

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