DJ Fresh has spoken out about being a victim of angry fans who threatened his and his family’s health

“Because of stuff I’ve spoken about on the radio, I’ve gotten death threats, my home has been petrol-bombed, I’ve been shot at.

“These are things that I don’t necessarily talk about because that is neither here nor there, I just take them as occupational hazards and I’ve endured all of that, not even speaking truth to power half as much as you do and still you continue to do it,” said the DJ, whose real name is Thato Sikwane.

According to the veteran broadcaster, people often don’t understand that broadcasters risk it all when they speak truth to power.

Fresh said all this in praise of his former colleague Eusebius McKaiser who left the station last week, whom Fresh hailed as a shining example for other broadcasters

“I’m calling to remind you that not only are you a voice for the voiceless, you’re also an inspiration to broadcasters such as myself. You know, often as broadcasters, we don’t wanna rock the boat, we want to play it safe, we want to be liked by everyone.

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“One thing you constantly remind me of is that it’s okay to have a position and defend that position, and not necessarily be emotional about it, because you’re willing to debate it because that’s what you believe,” he added.

Among some of the other callers on the open line who bid Eusebius farewell were the likes of his predecessor Redi Tlhabi, long-time friend and fellow broadcaster Karima Brown, and Terry Oakely-Smith.

You can listen to the exchange below starting at the 38:30 minute mark.