We mimic their fashion sense, they influence our bucket lists and without us ever meeting them, celebrities and their social media feeds shape parts of our lives

5 Celebrities have changed how we see weight loss, here’s how.

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You’re never too old to have your dream body

Although Oprah Winfrey has had a very public battle with her weight, her 50th birthday gift to herself was to lose 19kg and finally wake up in the body of her dreams and that’s a win.

Her drastic weight loss was reportedly triggered by fears of becoming diabetic and suffering a lower quality of life because of her weight.

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Although Oprah has gained weight since then (over 16 years ago), we still celebrate the fact that it can be done. Even after years of struggling, you can still reach your goal weight.

 A healthy lifestyle can give you the results you want

Diet pills, lotions and detox drinks that claim to melt away your body fat in days are extremely attractive, especially when the only thing creeping up on you faster than an important event is the numbers on the scale.

Dineo Langa may not have the most dramatic weight loss transformation, but over time she has shared parts of her healthy lifestyle and how it has changed her body.

 No tricks, no waist-shrinking teas; just hard work and good decisions.

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You don’t have to have a public weight loss journey

Although many people feel that sharing their weight loss journey makes them more accountable for their results, it’s okay to just share the results.

Sharing your weight loss journey could give you support, but it also opens you up to pressure and criticism. 

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‘Baby fat’ isn’t permanent

After having children, many women struggle to shed the extra kilos and some even give up completely, accepting the extra weight as their new mama-weight.

Unathi’s slimmer, toned body is proof, live on Instagram, that you can lose the mama weight too. 

On her Instagram page Unathi shares the times she doesn’t feel like exercising – but does it anyway. The pride she feels whenever she remembers how far she’s come in her journey and of course all the gorgeous muscle definition she’s achieved.

You can be body positive and still lose weight

Kelly Clarkson is a busy mother of four. She had gained some weight since the beginning of her career and refused to be shamed for her body. In fact, Kelly always shared positive messages about her own body and the different shapes and sized all our bodies come in.

Her decision to lose weight doesn’t make her less body positive. On her weight loss journey, Kelly reportedly tackled underlying health issues that contributed to her weight gain like thyroid dysfunction. Taking care of your body is definitely body positive.