Pancake cereal is one of the hottest food trends to hit TikTok and we love it

Of course, we love pancakes, but these tiny pancakes in a bowl are a whole new experience. Resembling Dutch poffertjes, pancake cereals are an easier to make alternative using regular pancake batter instead of a yeast batter.

Eat them with your usual pancake toppings or with milk as you would cereal. Here are 5 pancake cereal ideas from Instagram we just can’t wait to dig into.

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Oreo Pancake cereal bowl

If you love Oreos, explaining why thins make sense would just be preaching to the choir. We like to dunk them, munch them and crush them up in ice-cream. It only makes sense that we have them for breakfast too.

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Adjust your regular pancake batter to accommodate crushed Oreo biscuits while keeping the pancake batter texture. Then make your tiny pancakes enjoy with cream, more crushed cookies, chocolate syrup or just plain milk.

Berry delicious

Berries and pancakes are a classic combination for a good reason. We love the added texture you get by sprinkling muesli crumble over your dish.

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Healthier banana pancakes

A treat is great every now and then but the guilt and the overindulgence catch up sooner or later. We love this banana pancake cereal bowl, packed with all the fun of the TikTok trend and all the goodness of real, clean food too.

Chocolate and banana

Have your pancakes plain or flavoured with chocolate, banana or both. There are so many different ways to enjoy this combination that you absolutely have to try it at least once.

Add crushed nuts or almond slivers to top your bowl and add some texture and of course a great nutty flavour.

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We all scream for Ice Cream

Like sweetened yogurts and milk products, we all really need to start looking at ice-cream as just another dairy product, that way no guilty looks are exchanged when we tuck into a pancake cereal bowl topped with ice-cream. The butter and chocolate sauce are an added indulgence, but the bowl would be awesome even without them.