Last updated on Jun 15th, 2020 at 01:08 pm

Prince Harry feels “pressure” to give his son “the future he deserves” amid the climate crisis

The 35-year-old royal has 12-month-old son Archie with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and has said fatherhood has made him more concerned about the environment, because he wants to make sure Archie and other young children are able to live lives “full of possibility and opportunity”.

In a letter written for African Parks, Harry explained: “We are currently living through an extinction crisis, and now a global pandemic that has shaken us to our core and brought the world to a standstill. On the extinction crisis the science is clear: we have perhaps a decade to course correct before we lock in our fate. On this pandemic, while much is still unknown, some evidence suggests that the virus’ origins may be linked to our exploitation of nature. The gravity of these challenges is coming to light, but we must not be paralysed by them.

“Since becoming a father, I feel the pressure is even greater to ensure we can give our children the future they deserve, a future that hasn’t been taken from them, and a future full of possibility and opportunity. I want us all to be able to tell our children that yes, we saw this coming, and with the determination and help from an extraordinary group of committed individuals, we did what was needed to restore these essential ecosystems.”

Alongside fighting against climate change, Harry and Meghan have been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as working to help relief efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic

A source recently said: “The Black Lives Matter movement matters to Meghan and it matters to Harry. And I understand that this is going to be an area where we’re going to see the couple doing a lot more work and taking a lot more interest.

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“They’ve been very busy with the COVID efforts, particularly how it’s impacting on their charities. And their focus is now, I’m told, shifting onto this movement – Black Lives Matter is something that really resonates with both of them.”

Whilst a second source said the couple – who married in 2018 – “have been talking to organisations, activists and people in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement” in order to find ways in which they can help the cause.

Author: BANG Showbiz