In this eye-opening TED talk, psychiatrist George Blair-West shares three keys to prevent divorce – and has some great tips on spotting potential problems while you’re still dating…

“Forty-five percent: that’s our current divorce rate. Why no prevention campaign for divorce?” says Blair-West.

Blair-West presents 3 life hacks for preventing divorce, and says there are two critical points at which couples can intervene in their relationships to prevent complete breakdown; at the early stage before they commit to marriage, children, and a ‘lifetime’ together, or later, when the cracks begin to appear.

These 3 life hacks are key to building the foundation of a happy marriage:

  1. Get married when you’re older
  2. How influenceable are you?
  3. Is your partner there for you when it really matters?

Watch the 11-minute clip below for details on Blair-West’s valuable advice.

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