Last updated on Oct 26th, 2020 at 08:47 am

All the messages of love, support and appreciation that One South Africa founder and former DA leader Mmusi Maimane was receiving for his 40th birthday on Sunday were briefly interrupted by a dig from his former mentor Helen Zille…

“This attempt to keep schools closed is highly irresponsible, and will do much more damage to children’s lives than Covid. The only people who should stay home are children with dread diseases, or staff with co-morbidities,” tweeted Zille along with a link about Maimane’s failed court bid challenging government’s decision to reopen schools on Monday.

“You waited for my birthday to cast shade. Wena mara,” responded Maimane, adding a GIF to illustrate what can only be assumed to be his exasperation.

He went on to explain the real reason behind his push.

“Let’s be clear we fought to make sure schools are safe to reopen. That was the correct fight. There must be water, working toilets and clean and safe classrooms. That is in fact responsible parenting,” added Maimane.