Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:24 pm

Digital influencer Mihlali Ndamase shocked her followers this week when she revealed on Twitter that she is a victim of sexual abuse

The beauty blogger opened up about her experience during a discussion on Twitter. 

Women all over the world used the hashtag, ‘I Was’, to reveal how old they were when they first became victims of sexual assault.

“#IWas 22,” Mihlali wrote on Twitter.


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Mihlali’s tweet inspired her followers to share their own stories. One woman revealed she was raped by a female family member.

“My aunt raped me when I was 5… She raped me 6 times. She is married today with two kids. I hope her daughters don’t ever go through what she put me through.”

Mihlali was not the only star who shared their experience

TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka revealed she was violated when she was 16 and 19. Actress Zenokuhle Maseko was 20.

Pearl Modiadie called the ‘I Was’ hashtag “heartbreaking” and she too could sadly related.

“Whether it’s sexual harassment or sexual violation, it’s deeply saddening that so many of us have had at least one incident in our lifetime! When does the cycle stop? Will it ever?”

Actress and TV presenter Candice Modiselle revealed that she was almost raped by a police officer

“I escaped being kidnapped by a South African cop who had clear intentions of raping me, but that’s a story for another day… One bit of trauma at a time,” she tweeted.