Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Trying to keep track of all the ‘to dos’ as well as make sure you’re staying on budget can leave you feeling flustered…

In the modern age of technology, it’s inconvenient to carry around binders, or piles of paper, and a diary to try to keep track of everything. So how about an app?


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WeddingHappy is the savvy wedding-planning app you never knew you needed…

This app makes it easy to keep track of wedding tasks, manage vendors, and record payments – all in one nifty place.

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The setup is simple. For your first task, the app asks you to input your wedding date and then builds you a custom plan complete with a to-do list. This curated list of tasks ensures you’re not forgetting anything important and is fully customisable to your needs, because no two weddings are alike.

Suggested dates for tasks provide a handy timeline for what needs to be done by when and can be customised accordingly. You’ll also receive notifications as deadlines are approaching. The payment tracking feature helps you stay on top of every payment and ensures you’re not overshooting your budget.

There is the option to upgrade your plan to unlock special features such as inviting others to plan with you, or downloading your app data to PDF or CVS files for seamless planning. The wedding countdown timer is a charming touch and adds to the excitement.

How it helps

Life doesn’t slow down just because you’re planning a wedding, and thanks to this app, you’ll have your very own planner on hand, 24/7. While your to-do list can sometimes feel like it’s getting longer the closer your wedding date draws near, the simple action of ticking tasks off your list creates a real sense of accomplishment.

One of the highlights of the app is the payment-tracking feature. There’s no need to mess about with spreadsheets and number crunching – the app does all the work for you. It gives you an overview of budget in relation to what’s been paid and what’s due and updates itself automatically. It also stores important details such as payment method, payment due dates, and allows you to split payments into deposits and final payments which I found to be really helpful.

A brilliant planning tool for brides and grooms alike, this app takes the hassle out of planning so that you can get hitched without the humps. If it’s a month before your wedding then it’s perhaps not worth it, but if you’re just getting started it should be the first thing you tick off your to-do list. Let the planning begin!

What users say about it:

“My betrothed and I are attempting to have the wedding of our dreams on the budget of our nightmares. We have been using this app for about 2 weeks, and thus far it has been a humongous help. We are confident that we can have the wedding which we want without breaking the bank through the combination of this app and the Marry Me catalogue (another priceless tool for budget-conscious DIYers). And we have had none of the problems mentioned by others. We have multiple vendors for catering, jewellery, & apparel with no problems; and adding, editing & deleting tasks is no problem either. We highly recommend this app.” – Dale

What the experts say about it:

“This app is for those brides who want to keep tasks, payments and vendors in one spot using their iPhone or iPad. What’s really great about this app is that you can stay connected with your partner, so he knows what’s going on at all times. The app will let you know how many tasks you have to do and how many were completed and even count down the days until your wedding. It truly helps you get down the aisle.” – The Marriage Group

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